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Wallpaper Collections

Wallpaper collections inspired by Jantar Mantar and Marine Drive

Jantar Mantar

This wallpaper collection was inspired by the architecture of the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur and Delhi, India. All designs were hand drawn and hand painted and then edited digitally. Materials used were gouache, acrylic paint and watercolours.

2. Window Perspective.jpg
Diagonal Windows Small.jpg
Building Constellation Small.jpg
Jantar Mantar Watercolour.jpg
Stair Cubes.jpg
Sun Dial-01.jpg

Marine Drive

For my wallpaper collection, I illustrated recognisable and iconic buildings on and around Marine drive and set them against gritty concrete fabric manipulations. Each of them has a lighter or “Day” version as well as a “Night” version.

Liberty Collage-01.jpg

Liberty Cinema

Parapet Collage-01.jpg

Marine Drive

Soona Mahal Collage-01.jpg

Soona Mahal

Eros Collage-01.jpg

Eros Cinema

Wallpaper app sketch.jpg
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