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Sunburst: Cut-work Curtain

Applique Cut-work curtain based on Andreas Volwahsen's photographs

Andreas Volwahsen, influenced by the New objectivity Movement, photographed various Indian monuments. His photographs were in black and white to mute the distracting details, encouraging the viewer to focus on form and symmetry. He used light and shadow, contrasting tonal fields and different angles to bring focus to the shapes and forms of these structures. 

AV 14.jpg
AV 13.jpg
AV 23.jpg

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur by Andreas Volwashsen 

Influenced by the sunburst motifs and the play of light and shadow in Volwahsen's photographs, I designed an applique cut-work curtain. The difference of opacity in both the fabrics plays with light and shadow and allows different amounts of light to pass through. I made a digital illustration, which I laser cut on to the thicker cotton fabric. After it was laser cut, I hand sewed it on to the more translucent muslin fabric.


3.6 feet x 7 feet

Cotton and muslin



Different tones of light filtering through the curtain

photo (1).JPG
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