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Channapatna: Crafts and Community Development

Owl desk organiser for children

Crafts and Community Development was a project that bridged the gap between the designer and the craftsman by creating opportunities for the two to work together.. I worked with artisans from Channapatna, also known as "Goombegaluru" or "Town of Toys". It is a small town located 60 kms south west of Bangalore and is famous for it's unique wooden toys and lacquerware products made by small scale industries located in the town itself. 

Channapatna toys and objects are made from the wood turning technique, where the shapes are formed while the wood turns on a lathe. They use bright colours, which are created by applying resin to the wood while it turns on the lathe. The products are eco friendly and are made of 100% natural material

Since the products made in Channapatna are mostly toys directed at children, I wanted to make something directed at children that they could not just play with, but use, which pushed me to design a desk organiser. 


Dimensions: 4" x 6"


Sketches and Ideation


Working with the craftswoman in Channapatna

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